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Voiceover Coaching

Besides being a successful voice actor, Gina Scarpa is a long-time, award-winning director and coach, with over 20 years of experience helping others find their confidence and make the absolute most of the talent they have. 


Whether you're looking for 1-on-1 coaching or group classes, Gina has the experience and positive personality to help you level up your voiceover career.

Looking for an ongoing voiceover coaching program? Check out Positively Voiceover, which provides an online community, weekly workouts, monthly workshops and more for new and experienced voice actors alike!

15 Min Consultation

FREE: Not sure what you need to further your voiceover career and have questions? Schedule a quick call to discuss your unique path!

30 Min Voiceover Coaching

$50: The 30 minute 1-on-1 voiceover coaching sessions can focus on various topics including script analysis, marketing, P2P sites, and more.

15 Min Audition Prep

$25: Before you submit your next audition, schedule a 15 minute live voiceover audition coaching with real-time feedback and advice and put your best audio forward.

Positively Voiceover

$40/month: Positively Voiceover is a subscription-based educational program for new and experienced voice actors. Save.png

Reviews From Happy Voice Actors


Alex Mitts, Voice Actor

While my call with Gina was undoubtedly one of the most pleasant business calls I have had in my life, it was the results of implementing her advice that blew me away! Merely days after we met, I was solicited out of the blue by a company asking to feature my voice in their commercial. 

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