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Kids Voiceover Coaching

Besides being a successful, full-time voice actor, Gina Scarpa is also an experienced and award winning coach and director. She specializes in working with child voice actors and teen voice actors on their commercial, educational, narration, animation, and video game auditions and projects. In 2019, Gina was named the ACE Educator of the Year in Connecticut for her significant contribution to the arts in her community. 


Gina prides herself on creating a positive and encouraging environment to help kids find what is special and unique about their voice. Her voiceover coaching sessions focus on script analysis, audition prep, booked session prep, career guidance, and more. She also writes, directs, and producers voiceover demos for kids and teens. Her young voiceover students have worked with Walmart, Target, Nintendo, PBS, Nickelodeon, and the United States Postal Service among many others.

Through voiceover coaching with Gina, students will learn how to:

  • Quickly and effectively analyze a character and script

  • Approach their acting choices from an empathetic and creative perspective

  • Become better communicators in professional situations

  • Have more confidence in themselves 

  • Handle rejection and maintain a positive, proactive attitude

  • Find different ways to deliver the same line to provide options


Kids voiceover coaching with Gina is available for children and teens via Zoom for 15 or 30-minute sessions. You can schedule below or choose a 15-minute free consultation to discuss your child’s unique voiceover career path.


Gina connected with my daughter from the very first coaching session! Because of Gina’s industry knowledge, her knack for working with kids, and schedule flexibility, even our short notice VO auditions are always fun and high quality. With Gina, our daughter loves to learn the VO craft at professional  level. With Gina’s coaching, we no longer have to stress and guess how to approach the work!

Paloma, Abril Bellido's mom

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